Shann M. Chaudhry, ESQ.

Attorney at law PLlC

Who is leading and protecting you?

Planning. Protection. Progressive. Pathfinders.

The law is like the world. It’s constantly changing – minute by minute. This perennial change demands adaptable, experienced lawyers. We are a boutique firm that offers conventional and avant-garde solutions to businesses and individuals facing challenges that are both familiar and unknown.

Our team has the knowledge and skills necessary to handle all matters – from the most difficult and complex to the routine. This gives our clients peace of mind – knowing they have the right team on their side.

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Affordable Pre-Consultations

Texas Law Firm Focused on Planning and Favorable Resolution

We believe that planning is of paramount importance. Nevertheless, our clients may be faced with unforeseen events and disputes. The Firm touts experience in planning, transactional and litigation work. Our goal is always favorable resolution for our clients. the Firm offers representation in such areas as:

Accomplished Law Firm Aims to Put Your Mind At Ease

Your success is our success.

Who we are

We are a team of professionals with our actions rooted in our values. We truly care. Our clients’ success is our success. We want what’s best for our clients, and we want to treat them well. We provide world-class customer service.

We approach representation holistically. We are honest and direct with the end goal of guiding our clients to the best solution for them. We have the hard conversations and share our perspective on the reality of situations. It’s our responsibility.

The Elegant Solution

Protection Planning

We are staunch believers in the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Hence we focus on protection planning. We believe that everyone needs a plan and that an investment in planning is one of the best investments you can make.

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. The field is complicated enough – so we appreciate simplicity and in keeping things un-cumbersome for our clients. However, when appropriate, we are pathfinders and bravely guide our clients through the quagmire of options to the elegant solution. We then facilitate execution and coordinate with our clients to ensure streamlined worry-free implementation.

Shann is an outstanding attorney whose effectiveness is well known in the legal community. He maintains strict professionalism in his practice and is always eager to fight for his clients. I have referred clients to Mr. Chaudry in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I endorse this lawyer.

Daniel Palmer, Fellow Lawyer In Community

Shann was helpful and courteous. He has proven to be a person of high quality and character. He handled my case professionally and was able to demonstrate to the Judge my legal standpoint to a completely favorable outcome for me.

5 Star Rating, Michael – Avvo

I recently started a small business, and was unsure about what steps I needed to take legally. Shann told me clearly what he needed to do to help me, and took care of everything. He works quickly, and easily explains concepts in simple terms. I now have my LLC and will be using him in the future. Highly recommend.

5 Star Rating, Megan – Avvo

I worked with Shann a couple of years ago and I was very hesitant going into the process due to the fact that I had never hired a lawyer before. Once I met with Shann though the worried I had vanished. Shann is very personable and he listened to me. When leaving the consultation I felt like he knew what all my needs were and would move forward in the best way (for me) whether that meant trail or mediation. Within the consultation he answered all the questions that I had and was able to advise me in the best way to move forward.

5 Star Rating, Anonymous – Avvo

Shann was outstanding in handling my case and during mediation. He helped me successfully settle out of court and gave me excellent counsel through every step of a very stressful and painful process. Cannot thank him enough for his services!

5 Star Rating, Anonymous – Avvo

I have hired Shann many times over the years. He is personable and a great listener. He always provided me opportunities to save money and never suggested legal work that was not worthwhile to me. He has always put my family's needs first. Truely a man of great character.

5 Star Rating, Michael – Google

Mr. Chaudhry has been my attorney of choice for several years. He has given me piece of mind during personal and business turmoils.

5 Star Rating, Cliff – Avvo
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