About Our Texas Law Firm

In a corporate climate riddled with self-interest and motives for personal gain, one attorney stands out among the crowd clad all in a blue suit, shaking hands and intently listening to concerns. This “Man in The Blue Suit” is dedicated to establishing holistic approaches to protecting the things his clients’ value.

Who is this empathetic, intuitive advocate? The world knows him as Shann Chaudhry ESQ., Attorney at Law PLLC…but you can call him Shann.

A thoughtful and savvy strategist, Shann cares deeply about helping his clients by protecting the things that matter most to them. Shann and the rest of the team at SMC ESQ. are determined and compassionate problem solvers who uphold human dignity and flourishing in all areas of their practice. As a perceptive and capable champion of self-made business founders, visionary entrepreneurs, and family-owned businesses, Shann finds deep meaning in constructing uniquely-crafted and competent strategy for his clients. With offices in San Antonio and Austin, Shann’s team is ready to help with your business, estate and trust, real estate, and mediation legal needs throughout Texas.

Shann is proud of his law firm’s mission, and he’s also proud of his diligent team. His firm is firmly committed (see what we did there?) to improving the legal industry by creating thoughtful protection planning services for individuals. At its core, Shann’s firm is all about using strategy to help people; his team works hard through advocacy and planning to help clients bring their dreams to life and to protect and preserve the things that give life purpose and are passed down to those who come after.

Shann and his team don’t intend to disrupt the system through policy; instead, they strive to redeem legal methods through relationship and thoughtful strategy. They do this using their many skills, including their impressive and innovative foresight; his team’s success is attributed not only to keeping their work relevant, but to staying a step ahead of the game.  They accomplish this by pursuing more education than is required by the bar, and they attend events held by prestigious organizations like the American Law Institute. These are some of the ways they proactively learn, grow, and discover effective techniques to resolve disputes, protect property, and build businesses.

Shann’s team is composed of empathetic and service-oriented communicators. They make time to research strategy for their clients, and they take time to clarify the techniques they choose to use.  They’re the type of people who engage with the client in order to explain the significance of a client’s tailor-made plan, how it’s supposed to be used, and how it will accomplish their client’s goals. Their enthusiasm for honoring dignity by protecting their client’s welfare and accomplishing legacy plans is unmatched in the legal industry. 

In the Courtroom, in argument, and on paper, Shann and his team shine. They are not afraid to zealously advocate for their clients, and they obtain results for their clients through preparation, strategy, and eloquence. They believe communication is key. With every planning case, Shann makes sure his clients understand their custom plan, how to implement it, and how to follow through on execution.

Shann is a tangible ally, one who walks beside his clients every step of the way. Because their success is his success, Shann does everything in his power to help them achieve fulfillment in their business and life, pass down legacy, and protect what they hold most valuable. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Shann’s team is composed of empathetic and service-oriented communicators.

Core Values


We are our ourselves, enthusiastically and unapologetically.


We want to understand you – and are open to receive you and your story.


We are grateful for all things – including our clients, and our ability to help others


Call us nerds if you must. We are constantly learning. It’s the only way to stay ahead.


We seek to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

“We have referred several matters to Shann. He is our go-to real estate guy.”

– Tom Weislin, Fellow Lawyer In Community

Our Firm’s Promises

Customer Service

We go above and beyond with each case. We provide the highest level of service with acute attention to the needs, concerns, and desires of our clients.

Communication Promise

To our Existing Clients – If you call and miss us, within 1 business hour you will receive a call back from a member of our team. If you are an Existing Client, and call to speak to one of our attorneys, you will receive a call back within 1 business day from an attorney. If we do not contact you back within the times listed above we will discount your invoice $100.

Affordable Pre-Consultations

We book low-cost consultations between prospective clients and our attorneys at affordable rates. This allows the attorneys to get to know you better and hear about your case without you having our normal hourly rates. This way, we’re able to obtain some initial information and details in order to assess your case and possible courses of action.