5 Questions to Ask Your Texas Real Estate Attorney

May 19, 2022 | Real Estate

When pop megastar Katy Perry attempted to purchase a California convent, the transaction wasn’t the stuff of California dreams. Instead of securing a historic property to make into her home, Perry wound up in a protracted legal battle with the Vatican, a couple of nuns, and a well-known restaurateur.

Life is unpredictable, and so is real estate—especially in Texas, where both commercial and residential prices continue to rise. Yes, buying and investing in property can bring a thrill, but the potential for legal disputes is ever-present. If you’re involved in the real estate market, it pays to secure legal counsel before trying to secure property.

Here are five questions you should ask a Texas real estate attorney before hiring them.

1. How can a real estate attorney help my case?

Real estate may seem like a DIY endeavor, but working with an attorney can drastically reduce the stress and legwork required. A real estate attorney has the experience and training to prepare and review the documentation required to sell and purchase property. This expertise doesn’t stop there, though.

An attorney can also help when it comes to:

  • Acquisitions, dispositions, and leasing
  • Real estate litigation
  • Community association law
  • Construction matters involving contractor and subcontractor representation, contraction negotiations, liens and notices, and more
  • Finance matters involving lender and borrower representation, construction loans, and more

2. When would I need a real estate attorney?

Like dental care or saving for retirement, some things are best handled proactively. Legal support for real estate matters is one of them.

Hire a real estate attorney to work with your real estate agent.

Working with a real estate attorney is especially helpful in the following situations:

  • All commercial transactions.  There are no required forms in Texas. You want someone with experience dealing in commercial sales and leases.  From eight-figure hotel sales to six-figure shopping centers and office leases, you need an experienced advocate.
  • You’re buying a custom-built home. You’re building a new home—it could be your dream home, or it could be a starter home, but either way, builder contracts are substantially different from standard purchases.
  • You’re selling property to an out-of-town buyer (or buying out-of-state). Purchasing commercial or residential property can be tricky to begin with, but conducting real estate transactions where one of the parties isn’t local tends to be even more complex. This is especially true for short sales and repossessed real estate.
  • The property you’re buying or selling is distressed. This includes properties where the owners are behind on tax and/or mortgage obligations. Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all related legal information on the deed, liens, and previous owner history is crucial.
  • You want to achieve a higher level of risk protection for you and the other party. Unlike famous songbird Katy Perry, you probably don’t have millions to throw away on complicated real estate disputes. Attorneys specializing in this area of law should be competent in the following areas of practice:
    • Misrepresentation
    • Special stipulations
    • False advertisement
    • Breach of contract
    • Landlord-tenant disputes
    • Ambiguous contract terms

3. Have the real estate attorneys at your firm worked on cases similar to mine?

When choosing a lawyer to represent your property issue, you’ll want to make sure the firm you work with has a proven track record of success with your case type. At SMC ESQ PLLC, our legal team has years of experience successfully resolving real estate transactions, disputes, and related matters.

Our offices in San Antonio and Austin, TX, have served thousands of clients like yourself. From investors and construction companies to home buyers and renters, we’re here to help clients with any real estate contract law issues they might experience.

4. How many years of legal real estate experience do you have?

Experience is more than years in operation. It includes skill, training, and outcomes. SMC ESQ PLLC relies on its 25+ years of combined experience to successfully represent parties in Texas residential and commercial real estate matters. Our law firm also practices business law, which frequently affects the outcome of commercial property disputes and sales. Mr. Chaudhry is a licensed real estate salesperson, realtor, and escrow officer. He knows transactions inside and out.

This blend of legal disciplines ensures your case receives the best possible guidance available so that you can make well-informed decisions.

5. What challenges do you foresee with my case?

Each client brings a unique set of circumstances, needs, and concerns to the table, but one thing is almost always the same: each client has their finances, business, home, and family’s well-being at stake.

The challenges you might expect are best discussed in a confidential consultation with our team but rest assured that the law office of Shann M. Chaudhry Esq., Attorney at Law PLLC works closely with each client to find resolutions that protect their best interests. We believe in building strong attorney-client relationships and will be by your side every step of the way.

Whether you’re seeking support for real estate contracts or are concerned about a dispute you’re facing, it’s essential to reach out for legal guidance. Don’t delay seeking legal counsel for your Texas real estate dispute or contract. More often than not, your lawyer can minimize or avoid negative impacts on your case.

Speak with one of our experienced Austin real estate attorneys

Katy Perry’s legal battle to purchase the Silver Lake convent languished in court from 2015 to 2019 when the sale appeared to fizzle out. Since then, she has gone on to other real estate pursuits, including selling her LA mansion for a cool $20 million.

Challenging real estate matters can have happy endings—and experienced legal representation can help you get there. Schedule a consultation with our team today to get started.

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