Five Tasks: Year-End Estate Planning To-Do List

2019 is fast approaching.  As we all prepare for the holidays and a new year, it is important that we wrap up any loose strings.  Before entering into the new year, here are some things that need to be on your end of year checklist: Make Sure Your Estate Planning is Up to Date Will […]

There’s Never A Better Time Than Now to Get Your Affairs in Order

The idea of getting your financial and legal house in order is likely the last thing on your mind during the busy holiday season. But, getting started is much easier than you think. In fact, the end of the year is a good time to reflect upon the year that has passed and focus on […]

Strategies for Saving on 2018 Income Taxes

Now is the time to begin looking at ways to minimize your 2018 income tax bill. Everyone should consider the “timing” of their deductions and, if possible, income. Depending on your circumstances, it might make sense to prepay some expenses for 2019, so you include them on your 2018 tax return. These expenses may include state […]